Reviews for July 18, 2017 (Extended Version) part 2

July 19, 2017 Docs Corner, Reviews

Blood Brothers Hermanos De Dangre #1     Dynamite Entertainment

The creative team of Fabian Rangel Jr. and Javier Caba introduce us to a mysterious world where monsters and demons sit side by side with humans at the local bar. Lucky for us the local police force contains a detective with an enchanted eye and his Lucha Libre brother. When a cursed skull is stolen and the brothers discover that their father was one of the men who originally discovered it, the mystery really begins. Definitely a series to hop on to early, as you’ll want to see this develop!

7 out of 10.



Blade Bunny #3 Volume 2     ANTARCTIC PRESS

Collaborators Eric Kimball and Erwin continue the story of our heroines in this traditional black and white art form. A bit slow moving compared to more standard comic art, each panel comes off beautifully and keeps the readers’ attention. While not for everyone, it is a refreshing change of pace that shows readers another style of comic art while still entertaining.

7 out of 10 Grahams.