X-O Manowar #7 (2017) cover a
X-O Manowar #7 (2017) cover a, $3.99


(W) Matt Kindt
(A) Doug Braithwaite
(CA) Lewis LaRosa

ALL-NEW ARC! ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT! 'EMPEROR' - PART ONE! The ultimate turning point! A war has been won, a victory has been decided…and, now, an entire alien world kneels before the throne of their new leader: the unstoppable X-O MANOWAR! He has traded his armor for a crown and a new age now begins… even as an extraterrestrial invader readies an interplanetary attack that could pull Aric of Dacia from the newfound safety of his imperial palace and back into the blood-sodden battlefi elds where his conquest began. Comics superstar Clayton Crain (4001 A.D., RAI) joins New YorkTimes best-selling writer Matt Kindt (RAPTURE, Mind MGMT) to summit the next pinnacle of 2017's best-selling independent superhero series - and unleash a blistering, new interstellar opus chronicling the most powerful moment yet in the history of Valiant's unrelenting icon!
Date Available: 09/27/2017


The bestest, most action filled issue of the series so far has awesome, fully painted interiors by Clayton (all those nifty Venom covers) Crain. If you thought that the series was moving a little to slowly, this is the one where it all starts to really take off. This title is definitely a title that rewards re-reading, and in this particular environment, that is the highest recommendation that I can give.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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