FCBD 2014 Mouse Guard Labrinth And Other Stories HC
FCBD 2014 Mouse Guard Labrinth And Other Stories HC, Out of Stock

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BOOM ENTERTAINMENT (W/A) David Petersen & Various (CA) David Petersen

When Archaia released their first hardcover FCBD offering two years ago, it was a rousing success with fans and retailers alike. Now they're doing it again! Readers will get original, all-ages content from a powerhouse lineup of Archaia creators. Plus, the debut of FARSCAPE comics under the Archaia imprint!


This years offering from Archaia on FCBD is again one that many people will be in search of long after Saturday May 5. There are 6 unique short stories inside a very nice hardcover edition book. The most "famous" of these will be a great short from Mouse Guard creator David Peterson. Also incuded are wonderful short stories from Jim Henson Company's "Labyrinth" and "Farscape" worlds, Royden Lepp's "Rust", Sean Rubin's "Bolivar", and a very cute tale from Hammock & Hutchinson's "Will O' the Wisp" series. Highly recommended!

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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