Actor Comics Presents Vol 1 linsner cover
Actor Comics Presents Vol 1 linsner cover, $10.00


Hero initiative

Comic creators have united to volunteer their time and talents to this first-ever benefit book for ACTOR with proceeds going directly to help comic creators in need. A bold cover by Joseph Michael Linsner featuring the Incredible Hulk and Amazing Spider-Man starts the action-packed benefit book with a cornucopia of talent, including a new story by Stan Lee! Plus, two new stories featuring the Incredible Hulk (by William Loebs, Dave Simons and Armando Gil) and Spider-Man (by Ron Marz and Dan Jurgens)! Also featured is a new story from Michael Avon Oeming, and an unprecedented collaboration of Paul Dini and James Owen. Published in conjunction with Century Comics, this book showcases the industry's top talent-all of whom have dedicated their time to this worthwhile cause!
152 pages b/w and full-color squarebound $10

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