Hero Comics 2009 wagner cover
Hero Comics 2009 wagner cover, $1.00


Hero initiative

ALL ORIGINAL! 32 pages! No ads! Full color! Hero Comics is the year's most massive and magnificent jam-project book with 32 pages and no ads of ALL ORIGINAL material! It includes: A NEW American Flagg! story written and drawn by Howard Chaykin! A NEW Samson story by Gene Ha! A NEW story written and drawn by Bill Willingham (Fables) A NEW story written and drawn by David Lloyd (V for Vendetta) Three GREAT Arthur Adams recreations of classic Marvel Comics covers Five special single-page vignettes in which Hero beneficiaries such as Gene Colan, Josh Medors, William Messner-Loebs and more tell their OWN personal stories of how Hero has helped them! And MORE!
And all proceeds benefit the Hero Initiative. So order your copy TODAY! $3.99

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