Dear Santa, Fan Casting Comics! By JC

December 13, 2022 Articles

When I was a kid, an issue of Wizard Magazine had an article laying out their dream cast for an X-Men movie “if it ever gets made”. This was long before an entire generation has grown up with comic properties dominating the big and small screen. Now we get tons of rumor mills about real casting and we talk about who we would want to replace Wolverine when Disney relaunches X-Men or who our dream actor is to play the live action version of an animated favorite.

With that in mind I have often thought of creators I would like to write/draw different characters/comics because I think they would be a great fit. Sometimes that’s just a writer or artist because I want to see their take on a specific character, sometimes it’s a combination of both because I want them to work together on something.

Here is my Christmas wish list of some of my dream combos in no particular order….

James Tynion IVSomething is Killing the Children is currently my favorite book by him, but if I had the power to put him on any title it would have to be a Carnage series. I really loved what Gerry Conway did with Carnage back in 2015 with what felt like a real horror comic. I can only imagine what Tynion could do with the character!

Tom Taylor – Full disclosure there isn’t anything I wouldn’t want to have him write as he is my favorite writer in comics, but for the sake of a dream title … Deadpool & Scout aka Honey Bader aka Gabby Kinney in a miniseries. One of my favorite pages from his All-New Wolverine series pretty much solidified that one for me.

Kelly Thompson – If you have never met the adorable bundle of joy that is Jeff the Landshark, you better grab that one-shot when it comes out (In stores 3/29/23)! I really got hooked on Kelly with Rogue & Gambit (also the current Captain Marvel is extremely underrated) and it makes me really want a solid Black Canary & Green Arrow miniseries by her!

Jonboy Meyers –One of the things I love about Jonboy’s art is how I always know it’s his when I see it. When rebirth launched, I would argue his Damian Teen Titans cover had to be one of the absolute standouts! That’s why I would love to see him work on another team that I really love and do a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles miniseries (maybe set in the Last Ronin universe)! Yeah, we got a peak with this cover, but I need interiors!

Joelle Jones – Her Batman arc was my favorite arc visually from Tom Kings run. I would love to see her pages on a B.P.R.D. title, because she is so great at little details and her Abe Sapien would be killer.

I could go on with a never-ending list of creators I would like to see attached to titles or characters, but this isn’t just about me. Let us know in the comments what creators you would like to see working on what titles. Maybe Santa will listen and make our wishes come true next year!