Doc’s Reviews for the Week of 6/8/2022

June 8, 2022 Docs Corner, Reviews


With all the world changing events happening to the characters in the Batman universe, it’s nice to see writer Joshua Williamson take time out to do a nice little encapsulated story that closes an open plot point. With the future of Abyss set up, this interesting look at what can create a hero proves that a good back story is essential. It also reminds us of the Batman’s ability to judge character in a person. This along with a few flashes of what else is going on in the Bat Universe, this a well done story and proves that good one shot stories (when well done) are superior to any mutli issue crossover nonscence they can come up with. And accompanied by Howard Porter and Jorge Fornes artwork, this one is spot on. I give it a 9 out of 10 Grahams.



Another summer is upon us and we all know what that means! Another annual look at the lovely ladies of the Zenescope Universe sporting thier best bathing suits. Basicly, the comic fans version of the Sports Illustrated issue. An on-going tradition, comic swimsuit issues have been around for a long time. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Amazing Heroes versions from back in the late 80, early 90’s.

And while this is prime cheesecake art, it does give the artists and colorists a chance to really shine. Allowing them to work on a big canvas instead of a series of panel pages, they can really add in the details. Along with a short, rather gruesome, story about a girl (?) floating on some driftwood, this year we have all the Zenescope mainstays. Skye Mathers, Robyn Locksley, Keres, are all here. This is one of those books that I read the artist/colorists names on the bottom of the pages as I would like to see what else they can do. I give it an 8 out of 10 Grahams.



When you have been around as long as I have, you’ve pretty much seen every Crisis they could come up with. This one is starting off as a disappointment. With the rather abrupt death of the Justice League happening earlier this year, this one drops us right into the chaos left behind. First off with the advent of the Multiverse now being the “IT” thing, the surprize and joy generated by a crossover featuring Earth 2 or Earth 3 or Earth S, or even Earth X is completely ruined. However, even more disturbing is the tone of this one. Villains galore are teaming up with crazy (mohawk sporting?) back from the dead, Lazarus Pool style Deathstroke to bring about the end of the world? Titans Tower targeted and a main Titan dies in a hardcore yet ridiculous fashion? And more importantly, Superman Jr. getting laughed at and brushed off while trying to live up to that tried and true method of recruitment, just shows that pretty much no one in the DC universe (like a lot of fans) do not have a lot of confidence in this new generation of heroes. After much of his attempts have failed, the group of heroes that answer the call are not worth it. It seems like everytime we try to recreate the Justice League, the just get worse. (And I sat through the Black Canary/Lobo/Killer Frost days!) (For that matter I sat through Justice League Detroit!) And as I said before about no one having faith, Black Adam did my job for me by running through the new roster and just roasting them.  The anti-hero protesters were a little too real for my tastes and really needed a good slapping around. Superman Jr. has managed to out Boy Scout his dad and I’m to the point where I’m ready to let the big white wall eat up this universe and move on. And was that Pariah wearing a recolored Superboy Prime mech suit and chewing up the scenery on the last page?! Oh brother! This “Next Big Thing” title gets a mere 4 out of 10 Grahams and that’s only because of the couple of double page spreads in the beginning.