Jake’s Gag Bag #4 (Invincible #10)

September 6, 2021 Jake's Gag Bag

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new edition of Jake’s Gag Bag! Graham Crackers Comics’ exclusive humor blog series!  For those that are new, I like to take a specific moment from a comic series that made laugh out loud, and then proceeded to live in my head rent free ever since. This time I’m covering a moment from the Image Comics Series Invincible, and don’t worry this isn’t a spoiler of any sort, just a quick, very self-aware joke made early on in the series. I really doubt we’ll get to see this joke in the animated series due to the joke being specifically about comics. This moment takes place in issue 10 (Volume 3 for those reading the graphic novels) and has been one of my favorite moments from the series and all of comic books for that matter, ever since.

One of the things I really loved about Invincible was that it felt like a super hero comic for the die-hard comic fans, not only with the story arcs and characters but with little moments of humor like this one. Taking a moment almost any comic book fan can relate to by having Mark meet his favorite comic book creator while also taking a jab at the comic industry and the very comic the joke is in all at the same time really got me the first time I’ve read it. I think I’ve shared this moment to everyone I know who got into the animated series. Just shows the type of stuff you miss if you skip the comic and go straight to the TV series or movie adaptation. As a bonus, here’s another moment from the series where Mark met the same writer at another signing.