Doc’s Corner Preps for C2E2 2020

February 17, 2020 Docs Corner, Reviews


When the good people at Kingdom Comics presented me with the latest issue of this title, I was immediately struck by the unique art that the art staff has created. With three stories in this issue, artists Audrey Rosse, Mike Abuan, and Mukah Ispahani all bring their stunning art styles to the book. From the painted-like pages to the sketch-like illustrations, they really make the stories pop. With a wider line available, they are definitely worth checking out.







I love team books. Since the days of All-Star Comics, having various heroes/villains join forces in titles separate from their main one is always a treat. The heroes here are based in some way on biblical events or ideas but keeps a wonderful balance. Writer/Creator Bill Raupp has assembled a terrific pool of talent to illustrate his stories. And by presenting us with tales of past and future, we are given a history of his comic universe without being slapped in the face saying “pay attention, this is an origin story.” I look forward to running into the fine folks at Star Cross Comics for Issue #2!




When creators Victor Dandridge and Michael J Watson put together their creative team, I wonder if they knew what was coming next? The characters of the Heroes International team are a unique group but what is more unique is the personalities and the way the members are looked at. With little notes throughout the script like “didn’t sign up to lead” and “not frontline material” , the writers really look at the team in a realistic way. These heroes are not the best and having to keep them in line proves to be more than the group’s leader wants to handle. This is not your standard super-team and that’s what distinguishes this title. Looking forward to seeing the continued adventures of Iron Smith, Hue-Man, Ad-Lib, and all the others!
     Anthology books are kinda my thing. So when Rick Berg and the creative teams at Creative Inebriations collect another set of stories, its always worth celebrating! With five shorts, we continue the ongoing saga of Ragi and Christopher. Along with another tale from Alison Corey’s Elfwest tale. We also get more back story from the Sakura webcomic at Throw in more from Mike Lee and John DeBerge and you’ve got a heafty book for the price. Even if a quick add in page had to included due to a publishing mistake. Gives the book character, I say!
And also …
Project 18 Psychotron     Red Tape Comics
     Remember the 1980’s and 1990’s when Independent comics were everywhere and any comic shop worth it’s weight had their own homegrown comic title? I do! And apparently so do former Graham Cracker Comics employees Joshua Kelly and Brian Tatge! Because if it wasn’t for the crisp pages and freshly autographed cover, I’d swear I had travelled back in time! This tale of secret government agencies and super weapons reminds the reader of a time that gave us Robocop, Time Cop, and Cyborg. You can find Joshua and Brian on Facebook to see how you can get your copy!
Visitation #5
      Ready for C2E2, Scott Larson will be showcasing his latest issue of the popular series. I have always been a fan of Visitations especially since the story is based in Chicago’s history. However, Scott manages to pull off a bit of a hat trick here. Using a variety of art styles and storytelling, he pushes us back in time and weaves the story between two newspaper comics strips which interact with each other perfectly. He also manages to flip between color pages and black and white where appropriate. And finishes off with a cast of characters that include a creepy version of the sailor boy and his dog from the Cracker Jack box and a nod to the Georges Melies 1920 film A Trip To The Moon! Be sure to swing by his booth and scoop up your copy and while you’re there pick up the first four issues!