June 7, 2018 Articles

Every year for the past 34 years, Graham Crackers Comics has paid to ship out a truck loads worth of comics to San Diego and setup at the worlds largest comic convention!

This year we’re helping the HERO INITIATIVE raise some more money for comic creators in need by working with CGC and various comic creators to offer you, our customers, an opportunity to get your books signed by some of your favorite creators while helping a worthwhile charity at the same time!

Drop off any comics by the creators on the chart below at our Naperville location by Monday July 9th and we will load them in our truck to drive out to San Diego this year and hand deliver them to CGC to get the books autographed and slabbed for you!

To get a book autographed & slabbed with the CGC Signature Series label will be $40 for the first signature and $10 for each signature additional signature on the same book +s&h ( this varies depending on your location, most inexpensive is $14 for the first book and $2 for each additional book).  If you prefer not to have your book graded and labeled it is just $10 for the signature.  We will drop off your books with Hero Initiative to get signed and bring back any non-CGC graded books to the store.  Non graded books will be driven back to our Naperville store aprox. a week after the show ends.

  It’s a great way to get yourself a signature on one of your favorite books without spending a fortune flying to San Diego, paying for a hotel, paying for admission and waiting in line!  We do the work for you and you end up helping out comic creators in need through the HERO INITIATIVE!   It’s a win-win!