Monster Fun Christmas Specials (All)

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(W) Alec Worley & Various
(A) Abigail Bulmer & Various
(CA) Chris Garbutt

This Easter Monster Fun is celebrating frightning fiction, as nothing beats the jumps and jitters that you get from a good, scary book! In this issue our motley crew of creatures find trouble within the pages of some truly terrifying tomes! Gums, Kid Kong, Hell's Angel Frankencritter Witch Vs Warlock and Martha's Monster Make-Up are all on the same page when it comes to getting up to no good! Meanwhile in Rex Power, Korey and Rex reach a crossroads in their relationship, as the evil Zardax remains at large in London, and in Peaches' Creatures, Peaches and Jonny the Golem visit the Mermaid of Venice. If that wan't enough to make your month, we have a exciting strip about a girl and her supernatural parent - meet Millie's Mummy!
Date Available: 4/10/2024
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