Quested (All)

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(W) Michael Calero, Thomas Parson
(A) Kit Wallis
(CA) Kim Jacinto

Rising star at Marvel (Spider-Man 2099) and DC Comics, Kim Jacinto, returns to the world of Quested for another iconic launch cover for Volume 2. The misadventure continues as Quested returns in Volume 2 Issue #1 - 'Wake the Lothar' All hell breaks loose in the Brauns as Jinx embarks on an epic quest with an unlikely companion to see if he can save his father and mythic quester Lothar. If he wants to succeed, Jinx will need to avoid his right hand man Hamo, who is not who he has made himself out to be. While the boys are playing epic fantasy adventure in the Underbraun, only Lithia remains in Faerbraun to witness the dire effects of Jinx's decisions.
Date Available: 12/13/2023
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