Creepshow (All)

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(W) Garth Ennis, Phil Hester
(A) Becky Cloonan, Phil Hester
(CA) Guillem March
(A) Chris Burnham, John McCrea
(CA) Chris Burnham

MINISERIES PREMIERE The smash-hit horror anthology based on the hit Shudder TV series is back and CREEPIER than ever!   In the debut issue, master of the macabre GARTH ENNIS (Preacher, The Boys) and superstar creator BECKY CLOONAN (Wonder Woman) team up for the very first time to deliver a disturbing tale of the unborn!  Then, freaky PHIL HESTER (Gotham City: Year One) tells the story of a grieving son who bends the laws of nature to see his mother one last timethis can't end well!   Each issue of CREEPSHOW, VOL. 2 will feature different creative teams with uniquely horrifying standalone stories and a 1:10 connecting cover from iconic horror artist SKINNER!
Date Available: 9/13/2023
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