Lady Zorro Vs Swamp Witch

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(W) Pat Shand
(A) Gordon Purcell
(CA) Roy Allen Martinez

Lady Zorro is back! In this epic tale of sacrifice and death-defying battles, Lady Zorro must face her greatest fears when she encounters an ancient being intent on ending her saga of revenge and redemption. The fan-favorite character dons the famous hat and cape as she encounters an evil that has cursed a local town. Hidden in a deadly swamp an ancient witch dwells, spreading chaos and fear. Her dark magics grant her the ability to warp reality with the use of a stolen artifact, a mystical pearl that channels her hate and fear into power. Writer Pat Shand returns to Lady Zorro to bring her saga to a thrilling and horrifying climax... but will the sword-wielding hero survive her encounter with the Swamp Witch? This issue comes with three covers - Main by Roy Allan Martinez, Spider Monster by Jason Craig, Limited Edition Throwback cover by Matt Wagner!
Date Available: 09/28/2022
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