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Releases for the Week of
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #2
Amazing Spider-Girl #27
Amazing Spider-Girl #27 1 in 10 variant
Amazing Spider-Man #580
Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes #2
Big Hero 6 #4
Captain Britain and MI: 13 #8
Captain Britain and MI: 13 #8 1 in 10 variant
Civil War: House of M #4
Hulk Chronicles: World War Hulk #6
Marvel Apes #0 a
Marvel Apes #0 b Christmas Cover
Marvel Illustrated The Odyssey #4
Marvels Eye of the Camera #1 black & white
Punisher War Zone #1
Punisher War Zone #1 dillon sketch
Punisher War Zone #1 JR JR variant
Secret Invasion: Dark Reign
Secret Invasion: Dark Reign Variant
Spider-Man Brand New Day #3
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane Season 2 #5
What If? Captain America Fallen Son
Wolverine: Flies To A Spider
Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1
Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1 Shanower Variant
Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1 Campbell Variant
X-Men Noir #1
X-Men Noir #1 Variant
X-Men Spider-Man #2
YTHAQ — The Forsaken World #1
YTHAQ — The Forsaken World #1 floch

Action #872
Action #872 variant
Ambush Bug: Year None #5
Batman Confidential #24
Booster Gold #15
Detective Comics #851
Detective Comics #851 variant
Final Crisis #5 a
Final Crisis #5 b
Final Crisis Revelations #4
Final Crisis Revelations #4 stripe
Green Arrow Black Canary #15
Green Lantern Corps #31
Justice League of America #27
Nightwing #151
Secret Six #4
Simon Dark #15
Superman and Batman Vs. Vampires and Werewolves #5
Superman Batman #54
Titans #8
Trinity #28
Watchmen #1 New Printing

100 Bullets #98
DMZ #37
House of Mystery #8
Young Liars #10

Gen 13 #25
Mirror's Edge #2

30 Days of Night: 30 Days 'til Death #1
30 Days of Night: 30 Days 'til Death #1 variant
Army of Darkness #15
BPRD War on Frogs #2
Buckaroo Banzai Prequel #2
Buckaroo Banzai Prequel #2 corroney
Challenger Deep #4
Crossed #2
Crossed #2 wrap
Death-Defying Devil #1 cassaday
Death-Defying Devil #1 ross
Death-Defying Devil #1 salazar
Death-Defying Devil #1 cassaday negative cvr
Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #1
Doctor Who Classics Series 2 #1 retro
Doctor Who Forgotten #3 photo incentive
Elephantmen #14
Epilogue #3 Monster Covered in blood
Epilogue #3 mouth
Fathom #4 Underwater City Cvr
Fathom #4 Glowing Body
Fathom #4 Girl And Guy Cvr
Fathom #4 Girl In Bikini Cvr
Ghost Whisperer The Muse #1
Ghost Whisperer The Muse #1 photo
GI Joe Vs Cobra Fall Special #1 Rise o/t Head Hunters
Gold Digger #101
Invincible #56
Lone Ranger #16
Man With No Name #6
New Battlestar Galactica Ghosts #3
Ninja High School #165
PS238 #36
Presidential Material Barack Obama 2nd Print
Savage Dragon #142
Scarlet Veronica #2
Star Wars Clone Wars #3
Terry Moore's Echo #8
Time Management for Anarchists #1
Transformers Maximum Dinobots #1
Transformers Maximum Dinobots #1 cover B
Transformers Maximum Dinobots #1 roche
Transformers Timelines #3 Fall Special Shattered Glass
Warhammer 40k Fire & Honor #4 cvr A
Warhammer 40k Fire & Honor #4 cvr B
Witchblade #122
ZMD Zombies of Mass Destruction #3

Amazing Spider-Girl Vol 4 Brand New Day
Batman Jokers Asylum TPB
Brave and the Bold Vol 1 Lords of Luck TPB
Buck Rogers In the 25th Century Dailies HC Vol. 1 1929
Camelot 3000 Deluxe Edition HC
Captain America The Chosen Premiere TPB
Complete Green Lama Featuring Art of Mac Raboy HC
Daredevil Man Without Fear Prem DM ED HC
Daredevil Man Without Fear Prem HC
Green Lantern Secret Origin HC
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 HC
Jack of Fables Vol 4 Americana TPB
JSA Vol 3 Thy Kingdom Come Part 2 HC
Legion Of Super-Heroes The More Things Change TPB
New Battlestar Galactica Season Zero TPB Vol. 1
Nova Annihilation Vol 1 HC
Painkiller Jane Vs. Terminator Vol 1 TPB
Red Sonja Vol 5 World On Fire TPB
Transformers More Than Meets the Eye Vol. 2
Wolverine Dangerous Games Prem HC
Youngblood Vol 1

Indiana Jones Magazine #5 newstand
Indiana Jones Magazine #5 previews
Mad Magazine #497
Smallville Magazine #30 Previews Exclusive
Star Wars Insider #106 Newstand
Toyfare #138
Wizard Magazine 2009 Platinum Marvel
Wizard Magazine 2009 Platinum Watchmen

Archie & Friends #126
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #46
Pals N Gals Double Digest #127
Sonic the Hedgehog #195
Uncle Scrooge #383
Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #698

Black Canary 1/6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure
GI Joe Combat Heroes Action Figure Assortment
GI Joe Vehicle Assortment
Transformers Universe 25th Anniversary Action Figure Pack

New Release List Glossary

INCENTIVE COVER = A cover that is more rare than a regular cover.  For example, a “1 in 10” Incentive means that for every 10 regular covers there is 1 of the Incentive cover available.  Prices vary depending on the rarity of the Incentive.

VARIANT COVER = A cover that is printed in an equal ratio to the regular cover.  For example, "Captain America: The Chosen" has 2 covers for each issue, printed in a 1-for-1 ratio.  For every Charest drawn cover there is a Brewister-drawn cover. 

HC = Hardcover

SC = Softcover

(2nd PRINT) = A previously released comic that has been reprinted by the publisher after their initial print run has sold out.  Usually has a different cover than the first printing.

(3rd PRINT) = Same as above, only printed after the 2nd Printing has sold out from the publisher.

MMW = Marvel Masterworks, Marvel Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material. Usually $50 or more.

ARCHIVE = DC Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material. Usually $50 or more.

ESSENTIAL = Marvel Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper. Usually $20 or less.

SHOWCASE = Showcase Presents..., DC Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper. Usually $20 or less.

MA = Marvel Adventures, Marvel Comics' all-ages accessible line of comics and digests.



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