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Releases for the Week of                
October 25th, 2006

All New Official Handbook #10
Black Panther #21
Captain America #23
Civil War Choosing Sides
Daredevil #90
Exiles #87
Heroes For Hire #3
Marvel Spotlight Heroes Reborn
New Avengers #24
New Excalibur #12
Nextwave Agents of Hate #9
Sensational Spider-Man #31
Stan Lee Meets the Thing
Ultimate Spider-Man #101
X-Men #192
Zombie #2

52 Week #25
Action Comics #844
Action Comics #844 Incentive Cover
Hawkgirl #57
Ion #7
JSA Classified #18
Justice #8
Justice League of America #1 (2nd Print)
Secret Six #5
Supergirl & Legion of Super Heroes #23
Supergirl & LSH #23 Incentive Cover
Superman Batman Annual #1
Trials of Shazam #3
Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #4
Warlord #9

Jack of Fables #4
Loveless #12

Boys #4
Deathblow #1
Deathblow #1 Platt Incentive Cover A
Deathblow #1 Platt Incentive Cover B
Planetary #26
Wetworks #2
Wetworks #2 Incentive Cover

Angel Masks
Angel Masks Incentive Cover
Castle Waiting II #1
Classic Battlestar Galactica #1 Dorman Cover
Classic Battlestar Galactica #1 Caldwell Cover
Common Foe #4
Conan & Songs of the Dead #4
Forgotten Realms Crystal Shard #2 Seeley Cover
Forgotten Realms Crystal Shard #2 Cardstock Cover
Gloomcookie #28
Godland #13
Impaler #1
John Woo’s Seven Brothers #1 Silver Incentive Cover
Lady Death Vs. War Angel #1 regular cover
Lady Death Vs. War Angel #1 Martin cover
Lady Death Vs. War Angel #1 Wraparound cover
Lady Death Vs. War Angel #1 Incentive cover
Lone Ranger #1 (2nd print)
Marc Silvestri Sketchbook
Negative Burn #5
Perfect Dark Janus Tears #2
Perhapanauts Second Chances #1
Phonogram #1 (2nd Print)
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #3 Cho Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #3 Sejic Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #3 Homs Cover
Savage Red Sonja QOTFW #3 Cho Virgin Incentive Cover
Snakewoman #4
Spawn #161
Spawn Godslayer
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #9
Tag #2
Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation #1
Transformers Animated Movie Adaptation #1 50 copy incentive
Xena #3 Neves Cover
Xena #3 Batista Cover
Xena #3 Photo Cover

Iron Wok Jan vol. 20

American Virgin: Head
Army of Darkness vol. 3
Battle Pope vol. 2 Mayhem
Black Panther: Bride
Clive Barker’s Great & Secret Show vol. 1
Daredevil: Devil Inside and Out
EC Archives Weird Science HC vol. 1
Heroes Reborn Fantastic Four
Legion of Super Heroes vol. 3 Supergirl
Liberty Meadows Cover Girl HC
Marvel Comics Encyclopedia HC
Marvel Masterworks Atlas Suspense vol. 1
Red Sonja vol. 1 Ross Cover
Red Sonja vol. 1 Turner Cover
Rising Stars vol. 3
Runaways vol. 6
Scout vol. 1
Showcase Presents Phantom Stranger vol. 1
Star Wars Omnibus X-Wing vol. 2
Young Avengers #2 HC

Angel #17 Newsstand Cover
Angel #17 Previews Cover
Giant Robot #44
Heavy Metal Fall 2006
Juxtapoz vol. 14 #11
PREVIEWS Adult #11
Video Watchdog #157
WIZARD #182 Iron Man Spider-Man Civil War Cover
WIZARD #182 Hollywood’s Toughest Chicks Cover

Archie Double Digest #174
Bart Simpson #32
Cartoon Network Block Party #26
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #11
Teen Titans Go #36
Uncle Scrooge #359
Veronica #175
Walt Disney Comics #674

Mr. Glum Plush (Savage Dragon)

Ion Symbol T-Shirt

...second time lucky...

graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm

1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.

2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.

3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by
W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Grahamtagonism for this boring announcement.  Explanation, actually.  W. Dal & Patrick were scheduled to recap the Diamond Comics Open House from Fort Wayne, IN this week, but well, now they're not.  Sorry.  Also, we here at GCC.com hear they won't even be around NEXT week, the slackers.  Instead look for some very special guest stars then, and enjoy this encore presentation now.


PATRICK: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome back to a feature that almost none of you even noticed was gone, GRAHAMTAGONISM.

W. DAL: Yes, GRAHAMTAGONISM!  But that'll all change now!  GRAHAMTAGONISM!  Better!  Longer!  More smarter!  Electronicier!  Um... Brower!

PATRICK: Bushier!

PATRICK: Today we discuss a book that everyone in the entire world liked better than I, CIVIL WAR #1.  I didn't hate it, but I didn't really like it.

W. DAL: Yeah.  I'm not as down on it as you are, but I'm a little under whelmed.

PATRICK: For the scope and magnitude of what this story is supposed to be, it just doesn't have the impact it should.

PATRICK: All of the major points of drama are virtually buried, save for the last page.

W. DAL: See, I disagree on that "drama" point.  I'd say that Millar kept the book moving at a brisk clip, giving each dramatic sequence enough room to breathe, without Bendising out the scene to half the book.  This is mostly setup, so I'd forgive the issue for seeming a little hurried.  There's Civil Warring to get to, after all.

PATRICK: Before I even get into the characters acting out of character, let's discuss how much breathing room the Human Torch beating had.  If it wasn't for Previews, I wouldn't know the severity of Johnny's beating.  That is the kind of thing he shrugs off in an average issue of FF yet now he's in a coma, and worse, no one seems to care.  Oh sure it's mentioned once later in the book, but this should be a huge deal, not a glossed over anecdote.

W. DAL: Here's another way of looking at it:  how much crazy craziness must be about to go down if one issue contains the Torch beating, Stamford getting blown up (Joey Styles revenge?), The Joker killing Alex Luthor, Cap fighting SHIELD, the Watcher showing up, Mary Jane becoming the new Speedball, the death of Earth 2 Superman and more?  Okay, I think some of those may have happened in Infinite Crisis #7, and one I made up entirely, but STILL!  How packed is this thing, huh?

PATRICK: I give you that; it is packed.  The Mary Jane thing I never even saw coming and you KNOW what a huge Speedball fan I am.  I hadn't considered Joey Styles to be behind the whole thing... hhmmmm... good catch, Bush.  And yes, I loved the Cap sequence.  Because it was given room to play out and it was phat-packed with Wing Head action!  I have minor quibble with Cap's dialogue, though.  Not what he said, but how he said it, but as he's not Captain Scotland, I'll cut Millar some good ole Yankee slack.

PATRICK: I'm nothing if not forgiving.

PATRICK: Okay, I'm nothing.

W. DAL: How American of you.  God Bless our tolerance of other countries and our citizens!  You can't see it, but right now I'm waving 74 American flags, one each for the 73 times I say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning, plus one for luck.

W. DAL: Jeez, without the limitations of print, we digress like crazypants!

PATRICK: You can see what I'm wearing?!?

PATRICK: Be honest... is red my color?

W. DAL: Red...like my face.  Let's change the subject back to Civil War, for the love of Cap...

W. DAL: Anyways, this ish (as the kids say) of Civil War was actually pretty good, as far as statement of intents go for Marvel mini-series lately.  I mean hell, I knew by the 10th page what this series was going to be about.  I couldn't say the same by the 3rd ISSUE of House of M.  For that matter, the destruction of Stamford on page 7 would've been the end of Bendis' first issue if he was writing this.

PATRICK: Too bad it was in every preview for this book and it felt like they screwed us out of 8 pages because we'd already seen them so damn much.

W. DAL: Yeah, but what about the 3 1/2 people (one of them is currently in a coma, so he counts for 1/2.  Take that, coma victims!) who didn't read the previews?  Don't they NEED that open?

PATRICK: What about me?  What about my needs?  What about Raven??

PATRICK: I just wish those weren't the best drawn pages of the whole book.

W. DAL: Yeah, true.  The hell happened to Steve McNiven?

PATRICK: Wish I knew man.  That said, I'm gonna try to hunt me down one of them Capction pages (that's Cap Action for you rubes).

W. DAL: I thought it was "Americtion".  That's how we said it in Florida, I guess.  IHOP/Waffle House, I suppose.  Anyway, where's the smooth McNiven art I cherished in New Avengers?  This all stilted and angular.  Not as posed as, say Greg Land, but not as dynamic and fun as someone like Olivier Coipel.  You know?

PATRICK: And why is Goliath always bending over at the waist with his @$$ in the air?  From the knees, Bill, bend FROM THE KNEES!!

PATRICK: I couldn't even tell what Wolverine was so pissed at if not for someone else saying something else about Sentinels.  I was con-fus-ed.

W. DAL: Oh, hey!  That reminds me:  Super huge kudos (with a side order of huzzahs) to Mark Millar for NOT MAKING THIS ALL ABOUT THE WOLVERINE!  After Bendis propped him up in House of M and cut Cap and Iron Man out entirely, it's so great to see a Marvel event about something other than those lousy muties.

W. DAL: Alright, any other points before we bring it on home?

PATRICK: I am truly hopeful for the remainder of this mini-series but I have no faith in the other minis and the crossovers. 
   6 Grahams.

W. DAL: Wow.  Harsh words.  Harsh, hungry words.  No, sorry, I'm just ready for lunch.  Anyways, I'm excited about this series and very much looking forward to where it goes throughout 2006.  However, I harbor no illusions that our discussion of this book will sway potential buyers one way or the other.  As Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley said, "A Civil War like this, it always sells itself."  Look it up! 
 8 Grahams.



For real? YES!!

DC Comics

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