NEW Releases for week of
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

for the Week of Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

   The irony does not escape me that I have to post an announcement on a NEW RELEASE WEEK date WEDNESDAY APRIL 1st 2020.   What are the odds that this would happen on such a date?  Go figure, then let me know.


     Unless you've been living under a rock, or just woke up from a coma, you most likely are already aware that our Country (and the World) are dealing with a Pandemic, with multiple states in the US declaring a STAY AT HOME order, normal small business like ours are having to shut down their PHYSICAL STORES.  We have STAY AT HOME orders in all 3 states that we do business - ILLINOIS, WISCONSIN & CALIFORNIA.

   Last WEDNESDAY March 25th, was the LAST NEW COMIC WEEK until this PANDEMIC is over.  The sole comic distributor in the U.S. has decided to halt shipping all product (when a mjaority of your customers can't receive product - what good does it do?) - and I appreciate their doing this.  I believe it was the correct move, even if a week too late.  This situation is not just for us, but for ALL COMIC SHOPS across the U.S. and U.K.  There won't be any NEW COMICS until this crisis has passed.

   Graham Crackers Comics followed the law and shut down our physical shops.  We stopped direct contact with our customer base and have been MAILING customers their comics (those that have requested it) - the rest of you will still have your books waiting for you when GRAHAM CRACKERS COMICS re-opens. 

   When will we re-open?   As soon as we're giving the all clear by our states, we will be back in business and hope you are able to return as well.
    Will things be different?  We would assume so.  Even if the Pandemic starts to clear up with less people catching the virus, we imagine that a SOCIAL DISTANCING order will still be in place.  We won't just wake up one day and find that 'poof' magically the virus is gone.  It's more likely going to be a gradual return to what you might call 'business as usual'.  We are assuming social distancing, limiting the # of peole in the shops at once, will be the norm for the near future.
   Our website is still open & receiving orders, packing orders and shipping orders 7 days a week.  It's a skeleton staff to be sure - but we're doing our best to keep you in books.

   Like a lot of you, these are very trying times for Graham Crackers Comics.  Our stores are closed, yet landlords still want their rent, insurance companies still want their payments, utility companies, and of course suppliers shipping us product we aren't allowed to sell.  

   If you're in a position that allows you to, we GREATLY appreciate any website orders you can place with us.


  We've got them on the site and we have ONE OF THE LARGEST SELECTIONS ON-LINE.  Just compare us to any other online shop and I think you'll be amazed at the depth of the back stock. 

   Every order placed helps us keep the company going until the ALL CLEAR sign comes.  I appreciate your reading this and hope your job is still solid and you've been able to work from home in some capacity during this very difficult time.

    Thanks from all of us at GRAHAM CRACKERS COMICS.

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