X-Force Vol 02 Counterfeit King TPB
X-Force Vol 02 Counterfeit King TPB, $15.99


(W) Ed Brisson
(A) Dylan Burnett, Damian Couceiro
(CA) Pepe Larraz

Collecting X-Force #6-10 (2018)

The time stream is in danger… again! A younger version of Cable came back from the future to save his timeline, but he wasn't the only one to make the journey. Now Cable's clone Stryfe and his Mutant Liberation Army will do anything to protect their future and destroy the Clan Askani. Who will X-Force stand with? Will they end up trapped in the future? With the timeline in flux, what kind of future is it? The clock is ticking as Rachel Summers makes her return! But with Rachel under Stryfe's control he and the Mutant Liberation Army now have the power to secure their future at the cost of everyone else's. Will Cable and X-Force be able to stop him - or will time be forever altered?

Date Available: 09/04/2019

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