Transformers Drift Origins & Empires TPB
Transformers Drift Origins & Empires TPB, Out of Stock


(W) Shane McCarthy
(A) Alex Milne & Various
(CA) Livio Ramondelli

Repentant villain Drift roams the galaxy, waging a solitary war on his former allies, delivering swift justice to any Decepticons that cross his path. But with many Autobots refusing to trust him, and many Decepticons sure he's pulling a scheme, walking the straight and narrow path won't be easy, and Drift-previously known as Deadlock-must repeatedly face the consequences of his past mistakes. Collects Transformers Spotlight: Drift, Transformers: Drift #1-4, and Transformers Drift: Empire of Stone #1-4.
Date Available: 01/24/2018

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