Toil & Trouble #1 mcclaren variant cover
Toil & Trouble #1 mcclaren variant cover, $5.99


(W) Mairghread Scott
(A) Kyla Vanderklugt
(CA) 1:10 Variant Cover

Whats to Love: Throw out your textbooks, this is not the Macbeth you remember. Mairghread Scott (Transformers: Windblade) and Kyla Vanderklugt (Jim Hensons The Storyteller: Witches) have reinvented Shakespeares famous tragedy, but this time the power is in the hands of the three witches. These ladies arent all double, double, toil and trouble. Theyre the power controlling kings and the fate of Scotland. What It Is: The three fates-Riata, Cait, and Smertae-have always been guiding and protecting Scotland unseen, indirectly controlling the line of kings according to the old religion. When there is a disagreement in the sisterhood, Riata and Smertae will use men as pawns, and Smertae will direct Macbeth to a crown he was never meant to have.
Date Available: 09/02/2015

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