Symbiote Spider-Man #2 saviuk variant
Symbiote Spider-Man #2 saviuk variant, $14.99


(W) Peter David
(A) Greg Land
(CA) 1:25 Variant

Set during the original ALIEN COSTUME SAGA - before Peter learned of the symbiote suit's true nature - comes the second installment of this all-new tale from comic legends Peter David and Greg Land! Mysterio, after swallowing another loss against Spider-Man, has sworn vengeance upon the web-slinger! Recruiting another villain to to enlisting the aid of an impressionable hollywood stuntman to take on Spider-Man, Mysterio is dead set on ending Web-Head once and for all! However, the symbiote suit isn't willing to give up its host without a fight… Rated T
Date Available: 05/08/2019

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