Suicide Squad #49 (2016) variant
Suicide Squad #49 (2016) variant, $3.99


(W) Rob Williams
(A) Diogenes Neves
(CA) Francesco Mattina

Beneath the ice of the Siberian seas, a final reckoning awaits the Suicide Squad. Amanda Waller has been implanted with her very own brain bomb-with Rick Flag's finger on the trigger. While Deadshot, Katana, Boomerang, Harley and Croc fight tooth and nail for their very survival, they must also uncover answers to a host of life-and-death questions: What's the secret hidden within Temho Me4ta prison? Who are the Vets? And who, ultimately, will be the Squad's final judge, jury and executioner?
Date Available: 12/12/2018

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