Star Wars #40 (2015)
Star Wars #40 (2015), Out of Stock


(W) Kieron Gillen
(A) Salvador Larroca
(CA) David Marquez

As Queen Trios' forces move in to strip what's left of Jedha, the Rebellion and the remaining Partisans struggle to save the planet for its survivors! The echoes of Rogue One continue to be heard through the Rebellion! Rated T

Date Available: 12/13/2017

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

Star Wars The Last Jedi is in theaters this week. Star Wars #40 is in comic stores this week. One will reign supreme! Which is better? Let's look at the facts:

Is Luke Skywalker in it? Yes, to both.

Is Princess Leia in it? Yes, to both.

Is Han Solo in it? Yes to Star Wars #40, no to Last Jedi.

Are there menacing figures that resemble Russian nesting dolls? Yes, to both.

The clear winner is Star Wars #40, with a score of 4 to 3.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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