Spider-Man Gauntlet Vol 3 Vulture Morbius Prem TPB
Spider-Man Gauntlet Vol 3 Vulture Morbius Prem TPB, $14.99

The Vulture must feed! That savage menace of the skies is back and terrorizing the city of New York, and J. Jonah Jameson stands accused of masterminding his creation! The vial of Spider-Man's blood being bounced around town has landed in an underworld den of vampires, with Morbius lording over all! And just when you thought the Rhino would be able to put his bad-guy past behind him, the new Rhino is back and demanding his blood! It's a trio of titanic tussles that will have Spider-Man's webbed hands full, but just wait until Peter Parker faces the biggest challenge of all: the dreaded pink slip! Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #622-625 and material from WEB OF SPIDER-MAN #2 & #6.

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