Space Goat Presents Vol 1 HC hero initiative cover
Space Goat Presents Vol 1 HC hero initiative cover, $19.99

Space Goat Productions
A 120-page, hardbound anthology of the industry's
best and up-and-coming talent. Space Goat Presents is an anthology of stories and production artwork showcasing some of the best established and up-and-coming talent of Space Goat Productions. Space Goat Presents not only entertains with exciting new stories, but also spotlights the wide spectrum of skills from industry veterans such as RB Silva, Yvel Guichet and Darren Vincenzo as well as work from up-and-coming talent Douglas Franchin, Caio Cacau, Alan Quah, and Justin Peniston. This 120-page hardcover contains six all-new stories from creators such as Shon Bury, Darren Vincenzo, Yvel Guichet and more! All-new material, and GREAT stories including horror, fantasy, mystery and more!
120 pages squarebound full-color $19.99
Hero Initiative Exclusive

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