Smallville Season 11 TPB Vol 09 Continuity
Smallville Season 11 TPB Vol 09 Continuity, $16.99


(W) Bryan Q. Miller
(A)Ig Guara, J. P. Mayer
(CA)Cat Staggs

Spinning off from the hit CW series are the continuing adventures of Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman, in SMALLVILLE VOL. 9: CONTINUITY. Clark and Lois Lane try to enjoy a weekend getaway, but evil is multiplying in Metropolis and Superman must save the day! The Monitors have come to Earth and begun their work-but instead of using Red Bleed to exterminate the world, a new Blue Bleed is erasing the world's capitals! Collects SMALLVILLE SEASON ELEVEN: CONTINUITY #1-4 and SMALLVILLE SPECIAL: EFFIGY #1.
Date Available: 12/27/2017

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