Sideways Vol 2 Rifts and Revelations TPB
Sideways Vol 2 Rifts and Revelations TPB, $19.99


(W) Dan DiDio, Grant Morrison
(A) Kenneth Rocafort & Various
(CA) Kenneth Rocafort

Sideways leads the Seven Soldiers into the Dark Multiverse to find the missing Manhattan Guardian-but the trip goes sideways (zing!) when our hero gets separated from the group and becomes lost in this nightmarish realm. And just like any petulant teenager, Sideways won't stop and ask for directions, so now he's trapped in the land of Perrus, ruled by the Dark Beast and populated by weird Superman-esque creatures, like Porcupine Jimmy Olsen. Collects SIDEWAYS #7-13 and ANNUAL #1.
Date Available: 08/14/2019

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