Rom Vs Transformers Shining Armor #2 cover c
Rom Vs Transformers Shining Armor #2 cover c, $3.99


(W) John Barber, Christos Gage
(A) Alex Milne
(CA) Bart Sears

Starscream forges an unholy pact with the Dire Wraiths-and Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus are hot on his trail. Unfortunately for them, Rom and the Solstar Knights don't know the difference between Autobots and Decepticons-and they're ready to fight all comers! Bullet points: * An all-star lineup of Christos Gage (Rom), John Barber (Optimus Prime), and Alex Milne (More Than Meets the Eye) tell the never-before-revealed secret history of Rom and the Transformers! * Don't miss the cover by Ominous Press creator, Bart Sears, part of our Bart Sears cover month!
Date Available: 08/16/2017

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