Red Sonja #23 Chen
Red Sonja #23 Chen, Out of Stock


by Michael Avon Oeming, Homs

"The Long Way Back Home" continues here as the Red Sonja 35th Anniversary Celebration also continues! Sonja and her companions face an undead group of pirates and the wrath of an Old God as they desperately make their way back to take the battle to Kulan Gath! It’s all leading up to Red Sonja #25 and, along the way, new characters are introduced - and one of her companions will sacrifice his life to the journey! Plus: More of the Pirate Queen, Valera and her crew, as they face Gath’s demonic generals at sea, as well as Kulan Gath’s plans for the imprisoned Goddess! Featuring a new series of covers by Stephen Segovia, Homs, Joe Prado and the Red Sonja cover debut of Joyce Chin!

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