Penny For Your Soul #1 second print
Penny For Your Soul #1 second print, $1.99

(W) Tom Hutchison
(A) J B Neto

Everyone has a price, and no one knows that better than Danica, the beautiful granddaughter of Lucifer. She's set up shop at the Eternity Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where anyone can sell his soul for ten thousand dollars. Mortals are lining up in droves. But Heaven and Hell are taking notice, and they want Danica to know they don't appreciate the competition!

Date Available: 06/03/2010


   Here's one quick & easy sentence that will tell you if you'll like this series: It's like GRIMM FAIRY TALES but with better artwork. The granddaughter of Satan opens a casino/resort in Vegas where you can sell your soul for $10,000. An impressive first attempt from a new publisher.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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