Occultist #1 davis cover
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Tim Seeley (W)
Victor Drujiniu (P)
Jason Gorder (I)
Andrew Dalhouse (C)
Guy Davis (Cover), and Steve Morris (Cover)

When a mysterious book of powerful spells binds itself to him, the fact that Rob's life has been falling apart doesn't seem like such a big deal. What do his girlfriend leaving him or his mountain of debt matter when mystics and demons are overrunning the town in search of the book-and him? To survive, Rob must learn to control the book's unpredictable magic, while his life slips even further out of control. o Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) brings his rare mix of humor, horror, and heroes to the latest creation from company founder Mike Richardson. o Character design by Guy Davis!

Date Available: 12/15/2010

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