Mister Miracle #9 (2017)
Mister Miracle #9 (2017), $3.99


(W) Tom King
(A) Mitch Gerads
(CA) Nick Derington

After war comes peace. The bloody battles that waged across New Genesis and Apokolips have come to an end, and now Mister Miracle and Kalibak must sit down and discuss a truce. Can Scott Free trust the former minions of Darkseid to keep their word? Not likely, but a leader sometimes has to take a risk in service to the greater good. Perhaps the more pressing question, though, is whether Big Barda can make it through the negotiations without beating the life out of the assassin Kanto.
Date Available: 05/09/2018


Orange Potus, my favorite mall eatery, and Little Rocket Man were far easier to get to a negotiating table than Scott Free and Kalibak. This was the best issue yet, and the delay seemed far less annoying than that of another prominent DC book. In fact, the only delay more annoying is that between the dates of our giant back issue sales, one of which is happening this very weekend. In fact, the next time we have a sale this big, we STILL won't know how Doomsday Clock ends and you'll be wearing a jacket. Highly recommended for people who have read the previous eight issues.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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