Man-Thing #2 vol 5
Man-Thing #2 vol 5, $3.99


THE MUCK RUN AMUCK! Back in his old swamp, MAN-THING is visited by an ally from his past, while struggling with his new status in life. But the swamp is less than welcoming, with every creature seemingly out to get him! Crocodiles, bats and mosquitoes - oh my! Will Man-Thing be able to restore the balance of the swamp and the cause of this calamity? Or will the forces that are affecting the swamp prove to be beyond his control? PLUS! Even more horror for your dollar! A terrible tale of ROAD RAGE, as told by R.L. STINE and CHRISTOPHER MITTEN.
Date Available: 03/29/2017


What If? Rod Serling took over Swamp Thing and wrote the Anatomy Lesson instead of Alan Moore? Full Disclosure: the only goosebumps i appreciate are those gotten when the Star Wars theme happens in a dark theatre. However, R.L. Stine has managed to take this particular muck monster in a fresh new direction, if not a fresh new scent. . If you're a fan from back in the day (and who doesn't love a Giant-Size Man-Thing?) this one might not be for you, but it's so weirdly different, you should at least flip through it...

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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