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MARVEL WELCOMES R.L. STINE! Beloved writer R.L. STINE (Goosebumps, Fear Street) brings his special brand of horror to MAN-THING! After working for years, MAN-THING has regained his ability to speak and has taken Hollywood by storm… But when an ancient and mysterious danger threatens the swamp, Man-Thing is going to have to choose between his new life and celebrity, and the world he used to call home… PLUS! A bone-chilling new horror story, written by the master himself, R.L. STINE, and illustrated by the incomparable Daniel Warren Johnson!
Date Available: 03/08/2017

BONUS REVIEW by "Doc" Schaefer

Man-Thing's newest incarnation comes to us from the pen of R.L. Stine?! That must have been one interesting corporate meeting ... "Our new horror book should be written by an acclaimed master of horror! We tried that with Clive Barker remember, and that didn't work out so hot. But the kids love him, its a win-win. Sigh, all right can't be any worse than making Cap a Hydra agent." That being said, this isn't a bad book but does put be teetering on the fencepost. A walking, talking Man-Thing working in Hollywood goes against my fond memories of his 70's incarnation. An unthinking brute of a creature that is always on the verge of remembering his humanity but never quite making it. The social issue hidden away in the storylines. These are the things that made Man-Thing well, Man-Thing. This version seems too normal, too modern for my tastes. What might have worked better is recreating the Chamber of Chills horror anthology and let Stine give us short tales of horror and disbelief like the back up feature in the book. Read it twice to give it a chance to overwhelm my nostalgia for the character. Sadly it failed. For new readers and fans of Stine, this is definitely an opportunity to see the man's skills branch out into a new medium. For Man-Thing fans, not so much.

I give it 5 out of 10 Grahams

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