Harley Quinn 25Th Anniversary Special #1
Harley Quinn 25Th Anniversary Special #1, $6.50


(W/A) Amanda Conner & Various
(CA) Amanda Conner

Celebrate twenty-five years of Harley Quinn with this collection of stories by some legendary Harley talent and some who've never drawn her before! How does Harley manage her insanely jam-packed life on Coney Island? What haven't we seen from her past with the Joker? And can even Harley's psychological acumen crack the twisted mind of…Robin, the Boy Wonder?
Date Available: 09/06/2017

BONUS REVIEW by 'Doc' Schaefer

Finally, a special that actually gets the subject. Various teams of writers, artists, and colorists hit the nail on the head and highlight the character of Harley Quinn. The teams do a wonderful job of showing off her personality and bring forward the best this character can offer. And at a price, we can afford.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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