Harley Quinn #22 (2016)
Harley Quinn #22 (2016), $3.50


(W) Amanda Conner & Various
(A) John Timms & Various
(CA) Amanda Conner

Red Roses' part two! Poison Ivy's back in town, and she'd like to patch up the friendship with Harley that she damagedition in the Bahamasàbut sadly for poor Mr. Tool, Ivy's got some strong opinions on his courtship of Harley! And in 'Harley Loves Joker' part six, Harley's sure she's got a foolproof plan to get back in Mistah J's good graces, but when have Harley's plans ever endedition up the way she imaginedition ? RATedition T+
Date Available: 06/21/2017

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