Greatest Adventure #1 cover a
Greatest Adventure #1 cover a, $3.99


(W) Bill Willingham
(A) Cezar Razek
(CA) Cary Nord

In ancient days, Jason gathered the greatest heroes of his age and set out on the ultimate sea voyage. Now, in Tarzan's era, Jason Gridley does the same. The greatest heroes of the Edgar Rice Burroughs universe come together as the crew of the good ship Venture, with none other than Tarzan as their captain. It's a race this time, against a battleship of dark hearted villains, and the fate of many worlds hangs in the balance.
Date Available: 04/19/2017

BONUS REVIEW by John "Doc" Schaefer

The good news is that a bone has been thrown to us old-timers from the good folks at Dynamite! Bill Willingham's story is ambitious and yet simply in its presentation. Jampacked with a veritable who's who of the universe of Edgar Rice Burroughs! From Tarzan to Korak to John Carter, all the classic favorites are back. The art is totally appropriate for the characters and seems inspired by the classic Gold Key/Dell comic art. Except that artist Cezar Razek get a better grade of paper. And thanks to colorist Daniela Miwa, the jungle has never looked more vibrant. The only thing this book needs is a little info page so that newer/younger readers can find out where these bygone heroes can be found at their local libraries!

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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