Fighting American #2 cover a
Fighting American #2 cover a, $3.99


(W) Gordon Rennie
(A)Duke Mighten
(CA)Mark Buckingham

Direct continuation of Simon and Kirby's classic series! Fighting American returns! Written by Gordon Rennie with artwork by Duke Mighten, with a cover by Terry and Rachel Dodson! When the 1950s heroes find themselves trapped in the modern world, how will they handle what society has become, and what dangers will they face? With modern-day villains to contend with, enemies from their past pursuing them, and a whole new world to come to terms with, what daring adventures could Fighting American and Speed-Boy find themselves in now?
Date Available: 11/01/2017

BONUS REVIEW by "Doc" Schaefer

After an interesting start in issue #1, Gordon Rennie's story continues to move along at a good pace and encompasses a lot of ideas that are skimmed over in your average time travel story. And Duke Mighten's art is intensely detailed. By the end of the issue, you actually feel a bit sorry for the good Fighting American. From the loss of his friend Agent Bill to the fact that he can't understand 1/2 the things people are saying to him. The good folks at Titan have definitely picked up where Headline/Prize publications left off in 1954.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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