FCBD 2018 Worlds Of Aspen Anniv Ed
FCBD 2018 Worlds Of Aspen Anniv Ed, $1.99


(W) J. T. Krul, Jordan Gunderson
(A) Alex Konat, Jordan Gunderson
(CA) John Starr

Celebrate 15 years of publishing with Aspen Comics in this jam-packed Worlds of Aspen Free Comic Book Day 2018 Anniversary Edition! As Fathom, Soulfire and Executive Assistant: Iris all commemorate milestones, TWO brand-new Aspen series make their world premiere debut with exclusive zero issues! Veteran Aspen writer J.T. Krul (Jirni, Mindfield) and acclaimed artist Alex Konat (Michael Turner's Fathom) present Nu Way, an all-new action-adventure series set in 2051, where technology has infected every aspect of human life, and the last frontier may be our very souls as people sacrifice their flesh and blood for a chance at a better life. In New Sheng, the megatropolis in China that has become the center of the world, a young combatant named Zihao is trying to literally fight his way up from the city slums with his fists, hoping to make it to the big leagues where cybernetically-enhanced warriors battle for fame and fortune. For the second exciting half of this Aspen Anniversary Edition, popular Aspen creator Jordan Gunderson (No World, The Four Points) debuts his long-awaited first creator-owned series, Dissension! This summer, the Gods have declared war on each other! Long ago, mankind suffered under the hand of a vengeful group of fallen angels. Now, a young woman, possessing a power that had lain dormant in the descendants of the first peoples of Earth, must rise up to stop their return-along with the war they seek to unleash on the world!
Date Available: 04/11/2018

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