FCBD 2017 Kid Savage
FCBD 2017 Kid Savage, $1.99


(W) Joe Kelly
(A/CA) Ilya

A mysterious wildboy becomes an unwilling guide to the dysfunctional 'First Family in Space' when they crash land on his primordial and dangerous planet. 'Kid Savage' must help a disconnected science-minded dad, his nervous son, and too-cool-to-care daughter survive the rigors of his world if he is to learn the true meaning of family and make amends for the sins of his mysterious past. Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Big Hero 6, Camp Midnight, I Kill Giants) presents this epic all-ages adventure from the minds of Joe Kelly and Ilya.
Date Available: 04/12/2017


Kid Savage is only passable for free. It's kinda like Dark Engine meets Paper Girls meets Black Science with a dash of Extremity. Except all those comics either have really amazing artwork, great writing or both. This Doesn't. It reads like I read all the above in a row right before falling asleep and then dreamed reading them as one story. And with poor artwork that I wouldn't even expect from Dynamite or Boom.

I give it 3 out of 10 Grahams

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