FCBD 2012 Barnaby
FCBD 2012 Barnaby, $1.99

(W/A) Crockett Johnson

Before Harold and the Purple Crayon there was Barnaby. Created by Crockett Johnson Barnaby ran in newspapers for over ten years (1942-52). Its subtle ironies and playful allusions won many passionate readers as they followed the adventures of 5-year-old Barnaby Baxter and his cigar-chomping fairy godfather Jackeen J. O'Malley.

BONUS REVIEW by Earl Geier

The classic comic strip BARNABY ran in newspapers a short ten years, but achieved classic status nonetheless. Barnaby Baxter finds he has a cigar chomping, winged fairy godfather, Jackeen J. O'Malley, whose magic powers are pretty much limited to card tricks. Call it a gentler Calvin and Hobbes. Barnaby finds himself pulled into a number predicaments by an overly ambitious O'Malley Barnaby's parents also begin to wonder about this "imaginary" figure their son sees. Other members of the elegant cast include Gus, the rather timid Ghost, Gorgon Baxter, Barnaby's dog, who finds that he can talk ("Never tried it before!"), and Jane Shultz, Barnaby's neighbor who can see O'Malley but is rather unimpressed by him. Creator Crockett Johnson went on to create a classic series of children's books starting with HAROLD AND THE PURPLE CRAYON.

10 out of 10 Grahams

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