FCBD 2010 Sonic Universe #1
FCBD 2010 Sonic Universe #1, Out of Stock

>Nifty for kids comic.
by Ian Flynn & Tracy Yardley

Because you demanded it - a thrilling new sonic series that raises the stakes and expands the comic book world of Sonic! This is the comic the fans have waited for - an ever-expanding, all-encompassing series revolving around Sonic's many friends and foes whose continuity aligns with the regular monthly Sonic comic. Along the way, we'll deliver some of the popular supporting cast from the many Sonic video games, including many who have never appeared in the comics before! The first issue of Sonic Universe debuts with a story that's out of this world - literally - as Shadow and Metal Sonic continue their series-spanning fight and wind up in a whole new dimension! And things are bound to heat up when Blaze the Cat and a Chaos Emerald enter the mix! Don't miss the explosive beginning of this universe-spanning series!

Date Available: 02/25/2009


With Sonic The Hedgehog about to reach the #200 plateau, Archie starts a new series that emphasizes the breath of the Sonic lifestyle. Sonic Universe expands on the Sonic The HedgeHog world (and the original Sonic only appears in flashbacks in this story), and lets us start to understand how large that world really is. There is Shadow the HedgeHog, who controls Chaos, and Metal Hedgehog, a robot sent on a mission, and Blaze, a princess (yes, she’s a hedgehog, too). I love the sharp colors in Archie comics, and their Archie system of writing comics, which emphasizes clarity, so new readers don’t get lost. It works here again, in this first issue. I’ve never played the game, so I can’t compare it there, but the series seem fun, and this is a good point to jump in.

I give it 6 out of 10 Grahams

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