Fathom TPB Vol 01 World Below Starter Edition
Fathom TPB Vol 01 World Below Starter Edition, Out of Stock


(W) Michael Turner, Bill O'Neil
(A) Michael Turner

Aspen's flagship hit series is back in a new lower-priced introductory trade paperback for new and returning readers alike! There is the world we know, and the world below... Aspen Matthews is an ex-Olympic swimmer, marine biologist, and a girl with a past shrouded in mystery. At age 11, she was found on a cruise ship, with no memory of who she was, or how she got there. Now, as the crew of the top-secret US military Deep Marine Discovery platform encounters a strange, alien craft, something is stirring in the back of Aspen's mind, flashes of her earlier life... A life beneath the waves! Showcasing the original breathtaking storyline by creator and superstar artist, the late Michael Turner, this streamlined and lower-priced new printing of the the best-selling Fathom Volume One is an absolute must-have for all Aspen and Turner fans!
Date Available: 05/01/2019

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