Fantastic Four #537 (1998)
Fantastic Four #537 (1998), $6.00

Written by J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI, Pencils and cover by MIKE McKONE
The Road to Civil War continues! At a remote scientific outpost, a heavenly artifact becomes the touch-point of a conflict between the Fantastic Four and a reborn Doctor Doom!

Wow! I enjoyed this issue a lot. Too much probably after the disappointment that was last issue. Learn how Dr. Doom is back. See Doom be all that is Doom. Doom! This is (gulp) (sigh) old school Dr. Doom at his finest (or worst). Totally lost in the third person Doom relates how and why he has returned to again lose to the Fantastic Four. Can he pick up Mjolnir? Does the cover tell the whole story? Why is this issue a “Road to Civil War” tie-in? Are the last two pages super cool? Why is this book still going, but there is no regular Thor title? To find out for yourself, pick up this issue. Doom.


Y'know, it's nice that instead of Marvel's deus ex machina du jour, "Scarlet Witch did it", FF decides to pull another Get Out Of Continuity Free card out of its pocket: Ragnarok! Sure, you may not have read the end of Thor (statistically speaking), but Straczynski did, and he's using that, Thor's hammer and the return of Doom to tell a breathtakingly mediocre prologue to Civil War. I guess it was either this or 22 pages of the FF sitting around a table in silence, waiting for Civil War... 6 Grahams

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