DC Artists Alley Wonder Woman b&w By Zullo Pvc Figure
DC Artists Alley Wonder Woman b&w By Zullo Pvc Figure, Out of Stock


Designed by Chrissie Zullo Sculpted by Irene Matar Since being discovered via the *pats self on the back* DC Comics Talent search a decade ago, Chrissie has worked in all facets of the industry, doing work on interiors, covers, and variants for multiple titles and publishers. Her work is modern in both origin (she uses both analog and digital tools in her work) and subject matter (video games, films by Miyazaki and Disney, Star Wars). While her work covers many subjects, an aura of joy and positivity emerges from each piece she creates. Sword at the side, shield on her back, Chrissie Zullo's Wonder Woman is ready and excited to take on all challengers. Modeled in traditional Amazonian battle garb, we see a heroine who embraces her roots as she stands for what she believes in. While she's a fierce warrior, Zullo's rendition is able to reveal the inherent positivity and confidence of Themyscira's Champion within the character.
Limited to 1,000 pieces
Individually numbered
One Black & White figure may be purchased for every 3 standard figures purchased.
Allocations may occur
Final products may differ from images shown
Approximately 4 units per carton

Date Available: 07/31/2019

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