Black Panther Man Without Fear #519 (1998)
Black Panther Man Without Fear #519 (1998), $2.99


Written by DAVID LISS
Penciled by JEFTE PALO

PANTHER + STORM + KRAVEN THE HUNTER = 'STORM HUNTER' PART 1 From the rooftops to the subway tunnels, why is Spider-Man's deadly foe stalking T'Challa across the city…and how long until the prey targets the pursuer? Plus: will the world's greatest predators have anywhere to hide when Ororo arrives and rips the skies open? It's the first meeting of husband and wife since the Panther's new status quo…in the two-part thriller that will show why says this series is 'the gritty, violent action romp the character needed.' 32 PGS.

Date Available: 06/08/2011


With DC’s announcements this week that have made me question whether or not I should stay in the relationship, Marvel is whispering into my ear that I should come be with them instead vowing never to treat me this way. Marvel’s sweet nothings have been a potentially awesome new Daredevil in July and this little book that could, Black Panther. This book has yet to disappointment since it took ol’ DD’s slot and this issue delivers yet again. Liss as a writer is continuing to prove himself as now he is pulling the lens back from focusing on the minutiae and writing a solid, action packed story that is perfect for the two part story arc set up for this month. Unfortunately the art is somewhat lackluster and Black Panther looks more like a little bear than a cat, but hey, the story telling covers a multitude of sins yet again. DC, you better amaze me in September, otherwise I’ll be getting my mail from now on over at the house of ideas.

8 out of 10 Grahams

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