Charismagic #1 cover b
Charismagic #1 cover b, $3.50


(W) Vince Hernandez
(A) Khary Randolph, Emilio Lopez

Everything you thought you knew about magic will... Vanish. Journey into a world where the lines between magic and reality are blurred... And where one man will soon find himself as the last remaining hope for all mankind. In Las Vegas, luck is everything. For Sin City's leading 'entertainer,' Hank the Magnificent, his luck as Vegas' most illustrious and famous magician is about to run out! When the powers of an ancient magic once imprisoned in another realm spring forth into our reality searching for revenge at all costs, Hank soon finds himself at the center of an undying war between the forces of truth and a devastating plague of growing evil-and his hopes for survival are slim at best! Creatures of magic and myth, wizards and sorcerers, druids, witches, and beasts of legend fill the pages of Aspen's all-new action-adventure series! Created and written by Aspen's own Vince Hernandez, with art by Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez, this premiere #1 issue will open your eyes to the exciting new world of CHARISMAGIC!

Date Available: 04/06/2011


Aspen Comics introduces us to the glitzy world of Charismagic. And of a magician who would rather be an entertainer than a hero. Sure he knows magic but could you resist a headlining Las Vegas gig and all the showgirls you could thrown a stick at? So when a danger that can destroy reality is detected what's a guy to do? The characters are interesting, the storyline is well paced and the art is what you'e come to expect from Aspen.

7 out of 10 Grahams

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