Bat Mite #5
Bat Mite #5, $2.99


(W) Jeff Parker
(A) Lukas Ketner, Dean Haspiel
(CA) Michael Allred

Two new additions to the '66 Rogues Gallery are introduced in two stories. The Scarecrow is here to say 'boo' to the good citizens of Gotham City, and to chase off the Caped Crusader. Then, a former henchman of King Tut has taken on a green, scaly look and roams the sewers under the city streets!

Date Available: 10/14/2015

BONUS REVIEW by John :"Doc" Schaefer

Very few of you will remember the Inferior Five who showed up in 3 issues of the original Showcase series and had 12 issues of their own comic that stretched through the late 60's to the early 70's. The wonderfully satirical group of heroes, created by E. Nelson Birdwell have even gone so far as to be written into a Grant Morrison storyline. So I could hardly resist this little gem. The best part is not the memories they invoked as I read this tale but the skill in which Dan Jurgens shows us that given a chance these goofs could have been successful heroes but that is not what they or us would want. These five are loved for precisely what they are. My only objection is the corporate cowtowing which changed Dumb Bunny's name to Tough Bunny. Political Correctness be damned! Put the "D" back on her belt buckle and handle the abuse letters!

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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