Astro City #43
Astro City #43, $3.99


(W) Kurt Busiek
(A) Matthew Clark
(CA) Alex Ross

They call him Mister Manta, the Scourge of the Seven Seas. At least, they called him that a long time ago. Nobody's called him anything for years, but that's about to change. What happens when a long-forgotten villain makes his dramatic return? Can he find his place in the world, or has it moved on without him? Featuring guest artist Matthew Clark (Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol). RATED T
Date Available: 02/15/2017

BONUS REVIEW by John "Doc" Schaefer

Kurt Busiek has hit another home run with this issue which no matter what the listing say is actually the story of the Gentleman. And it is a wonderful tale of breaking the fourth wall and the classic horror film, Kiss Daddy Goodbye. As always, Anderson's art is spectacular. And I also sensed a shout out to Miracleman. Good fun for both old and young. The question really is, why aren't you reading this title?!

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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