Astonishing X-Men #2 (2017) second print
Astonishing X-Men #2 (2017) second print, $3.99


(W) Charles Soule
(A/CA) Mike Deodato

ENTER: THE ASTRAL PLANE! In the next chapter of this action-packed X-Men epic, PSYLOCKE, ROGUE, OLD MAN LOGAN and the rest of their impromptu team travel to the astral plane in pursuit of the dastardly SHADOW KING. But on the astral plane, not everything is as it seems, and reality is only as reliable as what you think it is… Will the X-Men be able to contain the chaos from spilling out into the world? From superstar writer CHARLES SOULE and rock-star artist MIKE DEODATO JR., ASTONISHING X-MEN is the book you cannot afford to miss! Rated T+
Date Available: 08/16/2017


The best of the all newish X titles, this issue features Deodato art, characters that you recognize, and enough self-awareness that you might even think it has a chance to recapture a smidgen of the old magic. Highly recommended for masochists.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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